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About Us, The People Behind Self-Help-Career.com

Self-help-career.com is an initiative of Jacques Overbeeke. Jacques is the main founder of the Personal Strength Group.

Jacques learned career counseling and outplacement techniques in the eighties. Since then he has built a company witch guided thousands and thousands of people out of unemployment and into better jobs. The company also helped students and mid-career clients to make better career choices. At the same time, they improved their methods, tested them in real practice and built an extensive curriculum and a successful business. Jacques and his company served people all over the country.

Ten years ago,Jacques retired from the career counseling business and his company was sold to a national temp agency. This agency integrated his services into their Personnel Services Division. Jacques now lives quietly in the countryside.

In 2010, Jacques invited a couple of former colleagues to join him on a project to spread the knowledge of career building and job finding. The aim is to make it available for free so everybody can apply it.

Jacques formed a volunteer group of career counseling and outplacement specialists: The Personal Strength Group (PSG). At PSG we are committed to developing and updating the site and its content.

Sometimes we recommend expert work from others under the condition that they offer it for a very reasonable price. Maintaining low overhead costs allows us to offer the content on this site for free. Be sure to check it out.

Jacques and his wife on holiday in Europe