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Basic Networking Rules

Knowing and following the basic networking rules is important. Be aware: the most effective method for finding and landing jobs is—by far!—networking. Basic Networking Rules

You want to make a good impression on your growing network.

Networking is four times more effective than responding to a vacancy published in the newspaper or on Internet.

Nine Networking Rules

  1. You have to have thorough self-knowledge based on a thorough analysis. If you don’t, then download our free manual and we advise you do some work with My Career Guide.

  2. You have to know what you want.

  3. You must have a plan for working the job market.

If your answer to first three questions of the basic networking rules is that you don’t, then download our free Job Change System (you find it on our home page) and start preparing yourself. 

We advise you do some extra work too. Have a look at My Career Guide.

  1. As a rule of thumb, never just start looking for a job. Start network interviews to gather information about the kind of business you think you would like to work in. Of course, always be ready to respond to an attractive offer if it occurs. But not before you are fully prepared. You know the trade situation well now along with one other thing: you never fish for a job offer yourself.

  2. Your follow-up on previous appointments must always be punctual, and you take care not to be of any inconvenience to the people who are so polite to talk with you and inform you about their business. If an appointment for an interview is at a time that’s inconvenient to you, say so. Communicate that you're also a busy (wo)man.

  3. During network interviews of an exploratory nature, you must avoid—at all costs—leaving the impression that you are seeking a job right now. Instead, you've come for an orientation and an information-gathering conversation. You gain advice and opinions from key figures in the business.

  4. While you are busy with your networking approach, you must appear to be a perseverant and pleasant person. Your network grows fast. It is not uncommon to meet more than thirty new acquaintances.

  5. Communicate and sail your own course. Never tell your new network that you are being coached by a professional career coach.

  6. Even during conversations that tend to be more like job interviews than networking, it is important that you do not vent the impression of a desperate job seeker.

  7. Stick to these basic networking rules.

Remember: you are a person with strong work ethic, ambition, and expertise. You like a challenge when you see a solution to a problem someone else is struggling with (especially if he/she is the man/woman entitled to sign the contract).

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