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Career Building

For most people, career building is much like many other efforts in life: trial and error, trial and refine- great things were built this way.

However, there are better and more effective ways to build your career.

We've compiled this area of the site,from a huge database and a lot of experience in guiding people in their careers. What you will find is practical information that leads you to your true career purpose.

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Career Building:

The Classic American Way to Select a Career

Let’s dive right into how many of us actually made our career choices. This is a good indicator of why you should do it differently.

If you are satisfied with your current career and are just looking for a new job, you can move on to other parts of the site. This section is not your thing.

Most of us selected our careers in a way that went something like this: In the years of primary school, you thought about what you wanted to be when you grew up. 

Maybe you wanted to be a police officer, a fire fighter, or an airplane pilot. If you were a girl, you may have dreamed about being a nurse, a movie star, or a police officer. You know what I mean; you were there!

Then, in junior high, your parents and teachers began telling you that you had to think about your professional purpose in life. And most of us didn’t have a clue at that point. 

Most people didn’t get much guidance from teachers and parents—except for the ‘lucky’ few who were told, “I would like you to follow me in the firm.” 

That really doesn’t help much. Although, for some people, following in the footsteps of people they respect suits them, and it proves to be the right thing to do.

Many of us found ourselves being pressured in high school to decide which major we wanted to study. Years later, we told our friends that law school seemed the “logical” thing to do.

We have provided career guidance to thousands of people in their forties, and we found that more than sixty percent of them did not occupy a job directly related to their initial field of study. 

Unfortunately, many folks wrestle with this subject. So, here is some career building help.

Your Professional Future

Your life started at your birth, and it ends just before your funeral. In between those two points, life evolves as a bumpy road that winds around the mountain, slowly reaching the top.

Does the road go straight up the mountainside, the shortest way from the valley to the top? No. There is no straight way to the top: not on a mountain and not in life. Some people find a steep uphill road and give it all the energy they can muster. However, most people find their path already underway just through living their lives.

Drawing your lifeline is a great way to get insight into your future. Before we do that though, let’s first see what the top of your mountain looks like. After all, like many projects, career building starts with taking the end goal in mind.

The following exercise is very powerful, and it will give you a picture of your mountaintop. First, let us explain the exercise.

Grasp Your Professional Dream

We want you to think outside of the box. We’re going to ask you to leave your comfort zone for a few minutes. We realize this is uncomfortable for you; however, we also know that this exercise helped a lot of people gain a different perspective on their lives as well as what they are doing right now. It’s not hocus-pocus; it is merely looking at yourself from a different angle, a different perspective.

After the exercise, you are the only one who can decide what to do with the information you learned.

Grasp Your Prosessional Dream Right Now!

Think about yourself at the end of your life. Listen to what everyone—your loved ones, your children, your wife, your former colleagues—has to say about you.

What do they acknowledge you for? Right now, you can influence that. What do you want them to say? What are your desires in life? What things do you want to accomplish by the time you reach the top?

What do you want people to say about you at your funeral? What do you want people to remember about your professional life? What did you create? What things are people thanking you for because you somehow enriched their life?

What was the most important activity in your life? What were your major contributions to society and your work environment? By answering these questions, we gain insight into your purpose in life.
Do this exercise right now.

Close your eyes, get the picture in your head, and think about what you want people to say. As soon as you think you’ve heard the most significant thing, open your eyes, and jot down a description of the man or woman you were in your thoughts—the man or woman that you want to be.

How to Make Your Dream Come True

We know that the information we present here is just a warm-up-. a starter. There is much more for you to explore in career building. You have to get:
  • Information to create a practical plan, that will enable you to realize your career goals

  • Tools that help you to overcome obstacles along the way and let you do some reality testing

  • Information that enables you to overcome the job search issue of 'wrong education' or 'wrong experience'
For instance: A huge obstacle you may encounter is a voice in your head telling you: "This is not going to work for me."
You can prove this voice wrong, but how are you going to do that?

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