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Producing great cover letters remains an important task for job seekers although cover letters are becoming rare nowadays in certain types of jobs—in IT for instance. Great Cover Letters

For other employers, you had better have a good cover letter available, because otherwise, you won’t get an interview. 

Still, many employers will place an online advertisement in conjunction with or in place of an ad in the local newspaper. 

Job boards, as they are called, allow you to search among many jobs online in your category of choice.

Sending resumes through e-mail saves you and the company time and money. You don’t need to buy envelopes and stamps and go to the post office.

Employers receiving your resume through e-mail can respond more quickly, but they don’t always do so.

A big disadvantage of e-mail correspondence is its volatility. It’s quickly sent but quickly removed to the wastebasket as well.

If you respond to an Internet ad or a job board, then follow directions—follow the specific instructions for that company. Some companies instruct you to go to a specific web site to apply. 

If this is the case, never send an e-mail instead. Employers may feel that if you can’t pay attention to their simple requests, you might not be able to pay attention to other job details either.

The big advantage of sending a paper cover letter and resume is that your letter will get more attention. However, this will only be an advantage if you follow the guiding rules we provide here.

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