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Job Interviews

Job interviews are part of the process in which you are evaluated by an employer for prospective employment in his organization.job interviews

If you are invited for an interview, you have already passed a few tests. 

The interview is the next test, but there could be more hurdles still. 

This is your chance to assess the culture of that organization and enables you to decide whether you like it—never mind the fact that you need the work (well, the money that comes with it). 

If you don’t like the culture, you won’t stay long, and this short stay could be the “one rotten apple” in your resume “that spoils the whole basket!”

Multiple rounds of interviews may be used. Sometimes, employers make use of an initial phone interview. This keeps costs low for both sides.

Employers, and possibly HR employees, will ask you questions about your job history, personality, working style, and other job relevant factors. You will also be given a chance to ask a few questions yourself.

In many organizations, employers make use of assessment days to hire employees for higher positions. These assessment days include analysis tasks, presentation exercises, psychometric testing, and group activities.

Sometimes, applicants are asked for short improvised presentations during the interview. This enables you to demonstrate your skills in presenting and to highlight your knowledge of a given subject.

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