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Successful Job Search

Key rules for your job search:

1. Know Where to Look for the Job You Want

  • Company websites: Increasingly, they are relying on resume-scanning software.Successful Job Search

  • Recruiters: Especially useful for senior positions.

  • Dormant Vacancies: See our Networking department.

  • Job Boards: Not all ads on job boards are intended for you.

  • Open Applications: You may submit your resumes for a type of job rather than a specific job opening. Also see The Best Cover Letter.

  • Friends and Family: See our Networking department.

2. Ensure that an Employer Will Want to Talk with You

  • Tailor your cover letter and resume to each position so that they highlight keywords about your experience that is relevant to the job for which you are searching.

  • Focus on results, not on activities. Let them wonder, “How did you do that?” (See Easy Resume Writing.)

  • Convince them in your cover letter and resume of what sets you apart from the pack, such as intuition and resourcefulness.

  • Know how to pass resume-scanning software. Use keywords and learn which ones to use. See our Networking department and The Best Cover Letter.

3. Demonstrate that You Want the Job

Saying that you want a position is not enough—you have to demonstrate it. To jump ahead of the pack, utilize a cover letter that lets the employer know you did your research. SHOW them that you have an idea about their business and the role you could play in it.

Show your passion during an interview. Highlight your successful projects and the projects you liked working on. Your passion will come through. That’s what an employer likes to see.

More Information on Successful Job Searches

Successful Job Search
This page describes how Alice, a fifty-one-year-old widow who became unemployed and was responsible for two college kids, a Volvo and a mortgage, learned how to find a new job. A job she needed fast!

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Job Finding System
A successful applicant has a job finding system. You should have one too. Anyone searching for a job must find employers who are looking for people with your expertise, experience, skills, and capabilities.

Qualify for a job trough On-The- Job Training
We've all seen the ads that say, "Earn as you learn," but what does on-the-job training really mean and what new possibilities does it give you?

Job Description
Knowing why employers construct a descriptions the way they do will help you create your resume in a way that caters to the employer.

Job Descriptions
Let's consider a business controller who is looking for a new position. We will examine three of the top job-search engines for our research: (1) Indeed.com, (2) Monster.com, and (3) Careerbuilder.com. If we search for "business controller" within the United States the sites yield (1) 1000+ results, (2) 10,000+ results, and (3) 2589 results, respectively. How can we improve this?

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