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Do You Have Trouble Writing Winning Resumes?

Writing winning resumes is an art form that most of us didn't learn in school. Can you more or less relate to any of the followingWriting Winning Resumes is an Art descriptions?

You Are an Experienced Floor or Middle Manager

You are reasonably successful in your endeavors.

Your colleagues respect you.

Now you want to apply for a new job, and you just need to write out your resume.

Weeks later, you are still puzzling over what to write. You tried to copy a couple of examples you found on the Internet, but the response from personal officers was not enthusiastic.

You Are a Blue-Collar Worker, for Example a Car Mechanic

You are the best in engine repair, brake systems, manual and automatic transmissions, suspension and steering, and heating and air conditioning.

However, fuel systems, ignition systems, emissions, and electrical systems are not your thing.

You are looking for a new job, so you surf the Internet for openings. Now all you need is a resume that convincingly show employers what you can do. Nothing fancy- just the works!

You Are a Talented Professional

You have years of experience, maybe in finance, sales, marketing, purchasing, project management, chemicals- you name it. You are very good in your field, and you are ready to move on. You are a professional.

You typed up a resume, and you know what? Your resume looks like that of every other professional in your field. Nothing is different. Nothing is distinctive. So how do you write that winning resume that will make you stand out from the rest?

Resume Writing Is Different Nowadays

Over the past ten years the US employment market has changed dramatically. Resume writing has developed enormously.

It is no longer sufficient just to list your work history and education credentials on paper. Those days are long gone. Times have changed along with the the job market.

Today, resume writing is more like a competition against other well-qualified professionals all of whom are vying for a limited number of opportunities. 

Resume writing is an art, and your challenge is to consolidate the highlights of your career into one magnificent resume. The market demands a resume that is dynamic, distinctive, hard-hitting, and competitive.

Here Are Some Tools for Getting Set Up

Writing Resumes
Writing resumes is a process you can learn easily.

Resume writers block.
Many of our clients once thought they had resume writer's block. They quickly proved themselves wrong though. You can easily learn how to write. You just have to learn our simple five-minute system.

Easy Resume Writing
an example that will show you how easily resume writing can work. How do you practice your new writing skills on your resume?

Resume Presentation
The look and feel of your resume represents the perception -the aura- that belongs to your professional field of work.

Is it Worthwhile to Pay for a Professional Resume?
Do's and don'ts and fourteen tips for if you consider to pay for the work of a professional resume writer.

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